We wanted to make a statement detailing our response to the pandemic virus known as COVID-19.  

We have been asked to do our part in slowing the spread of the virus.  The president, the CDC, and local officials are recommending, among other things, that we avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people for the next 14 days (2 weeks). 

Because this virus is especially dangerous for the elderly and sick; because a person can be infected and contagious without realizing it, and unintentionally pass that virus on to a person less able to survive the infection; because Romans 13 calls us to trust God by being subject to governing authorities, we have decided NOT to defy our government leaders’ direction. 

Therefore, after much prayer and council, and the admonition of Scripture, here is our response as a church body.

We will cancel Wednesday evening activities until further notice  We will be making our prayer list available online and will post a video version of the evening’s study. 

Likewise, Sunday services will be canceled.  Our praise team and one of our teaching pastors will live stream the service; though, there will be no congregation in the sanctuary.  We encourage you to engage by watching via our website or FaceBook page.

I know that many of you use the Sunday morning service as your opportunity to steward your resources by giving tithes and offerings during the formal offertory at the end of the service.  Thank you for your faithfulness in that.  Allow me to direct you to our online giving portal by following the giving link on our webpage.  (There you will find multiple ways to give, including using a debit or credit card). 

I know this seems extreme.  It is my prayer that we can shorten the two week adjustment to our schedule.  This response is not out of fear, nor a lack of faith.  Honestly, it is very scary for a pastor to suggest a two week cancelation.  However, we have the health and safety of our congregation at the forefront of our minds and are trusting God as we take these measures.

Thank you for your understanding and your prayer.

Jerry Canupp

Pastor, Kirby Baptist Church