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Opportunities to Serve

If you're looking for an area to serve in but unsure where to start, here is a list of some ministries that could always use a helping hand.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Nursery: There are a few dedicated nursery workers who joyfully love on our little ones during Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings . They are happy to serve the children but could use help in providing care during the above mentioned times. If this is something you would like to become a part once or on regular basis, please contact our Nursery Director Linda Canupp to receive more information and be added to the rotation list.

Rolling Pastery

Kitchen Wednesday Nights: We have a devoted group of ladies who have taken on the selfless task of preparing, serving, and cleaning up after our Wednesday Night Meals. They have done this without a concern for many years. However, they could really use some extra hands and strong backs to share the load. If this is something you would like to serve in, you can talk to one of the kitchen volunteers on Wednesday night or request more information

Varnishing the Deck

Church Works Days: If you consider this church yours, we need your help keeping it together. Work days are scheduled every few months on Saturday when the weather permits. It consists of deep cleaning and some light manual labor. Please check your Sunday service bulletin for the next scheduled date or contact us here.

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