KBC Prayer Guide

Updated 7/14/2021


Justin – needs heart transplant  friend of Berthold’s

Dorothy Henry –  John Berthold’s mom

Joyce Turley – stroke  David Beasley’s sister

Jackie Wilson-ICU  Gary’s sister-in-law


Private Care

Sam Johnson

Lillian Hurst                                                   

Kathy Demille

Barbara Riemenschneider  

Lee Turcotte                                                                                  

Robbie Lemon & Helen Taylor – Sherri Bujano’s family 



James Gaffney – in auto accident

Jeanette Talamantez - Knee surgery

Pat Long – home dialysis

Sarah  - Stroke   friend of Martha Hirschey

Adam Perez – Josie Burke’s cousin

Alfred Reyna – Stacy Valle’s Brother


Long Term Illnesses

Marsha - Don Aldridge’s sister in law

Doris Evey

Brad Aldridge

Jose Rosas

Connie Brannan – Don Aldridge’s sister

John Cagle                                          

Leticia Gomez

Ralph Delgado

Bobbi Wilks

Alie Bryan-Tony Montgomery’s niece

Erwin Jandt

Norma & Ed Burton                                         

Maria Linare - Courtney Northcutt’s friend

Mike Gaffney

Lydia & Bruce Duron-relatives of Josie Burke

Don McRae

Brennan League

Dane Martin – Glenda Berthold’s cousin

Alyssa Montgomery

Karen Williams                                                                                          

Carlos Ramirez - Kimberly Northcutt’s friend     

Linda Gray - sister of Richard Vaughn                       

Martha Reed – Dixie Sowder’s sister

Willie Everts

Phyllis Cooms & Jimmy Williams–Karen William’s family

Peggy Yelson-friend of Sid McCarley

 Cancer Patients

Judy Aldridge – Don’s sister in law   

Mrs. Barron & Jenny Lopez – friends of Kimberly Northcutt

Christine Baum - Diana’s daughter in law  

Billie Bolman- Barbara Kammer’s sister

Ryan Fisher - Jeanette Talamantez’s grandson

Tio Balderes - Tiffany Wallace’s friend

Louis Piedra – friend of Shirley Wolfe  

Rosie Black & Leona Woody - Dixie Sowder’s relatives           

Christy Dalros  & Rosie Gamboa- friends of Kim Northcutt

Mabel Elliott

Michael Farnes & Chris Poskey – family of Josie Burke

Naomi Garcia – friend of Jerry Canupp

Andrew Goddard

Keith Jackson - J’s Brother

Debbie Keene – Sherri Bujano’s sister

Lucia Kotrola – friend of Mabel Elliott  Doing Poorly

Vernon Luza & Jerry Sparks – friends of Sharon Padalecki  

Luther Morrison

Phyllis Motes – Paul’s mom

Jerry Padalecki

Raven Pennell - Karen Williams’s cousin

Lucy Perez – stage 4   daughter of Anna Marie Perez

Brian Reader - Tommie‘s Brother in Law

Sarah Ruggles – Della’s daughter

Sandra – Friend of Jeanette Donley

Elaine Miller Smith – friend of Carol Aldridge

Jimmi Toquatto

Graciela Vasquez – friend of Enoch Muniz

Cricket Wright – Glenna Berthold’s aunt

Barbara Whitney  

Steve P.  - friend of Stacy Valle

Leona Woody



Ann Inez Donley family – Shane’s mother

Carol Fink family – former member/nursery worker

Kenneth Brown family – former pastor @KBC


Pastor Jerry Canupp

Jay & Our Youth

John Berthold

Our Music Ministry         

The Deacon Body individually and as a group

Our Nation/Our Government/Our Leaders/Our Military

Ministry of Children, Ladies, and Men of our Church

New members/believers/lost in our community

Outreach Program

Our unemployed members            

Police/Fireman/First Responders/Disaster Relief Workers  


Persecuted Christians around the world

Our church finances.

Salvation: 2 Peter 3:9; 1 John 5:14-15

Jesse Tovar 

Mike Perez                  

Robey Family

Frank Martin-Ray’s brother                                      

Curtis Muniz-Enoch’s son

Richard Vaughn’s Family

Robert Pourchot-Gail Hargrove’s son in law    

Tanya Simonenko-Natasha Pittman’s mom         

Daniel Reed-grandson of Dennis & Claudette Herrera