KBC Prayer Guide

Updated 6/23/2022


Ken Baum – Diana’s husband

Mary Jane Maltos Complications from COVID

Julius (Nathan’s friend)

Tony Evert’s sister


Private Care

Helen Taylor – Sherri Bujano’s family                      

Kindra Saldana (Kim’s Coworker)

Kathy DeMille           

Ellen Wagoner

Rejane Tschirhart – friend of Carol Aldridge

Bethany Cain – Tony Everts’ granddaughter



Mark Aldridge - Donald’s brother

Marsha Aldridge – aneurism in caryodid

Diane Baum – seizures due to stress

David Beasley – therapy for back problems

John Berthold – problems with leg, diabetes

Nathan’s mother (surgery for back injury)

Merechia Donley – testing    Stephanie Motes mom

People of Ukraine

Rene Diamante

Teresa Grady–fractured elbow  Martha Hirschey’s daughter

Micheal Guia – Josie’s Nephew

Barbara Kammer – doing more therapy  

Shirley Minko  

Alyssa Montgomery – cellulitis

Bill Pogue – C7 pain/testing  Martha Hirschey’s son

Kindra’s Son – difficult times (Job and emotions)

Travel mercies for Aldridge family

Johnny Mutz – stage 3 Kidney failure

Nathaniel – blister on foot

McCarly/Wallace Family

Amy Bruant – Bacterial infection

Tony Everts

James Gaffney

Sarah - Scoliosis    Wendy Diamante’s niece

Bobbie Watters –Nadine O’Leary’s cousin

Tristen – medical issues      friend of Jenna Guinn


Long Term Illnesses

Lydia & Bruce Duron - relatives of Josie Burke

Doris Evey     

Brad Aldridge   

Connie Brannan – Don Aldridge’s sister            

John Cagle      

Erwin & Bonnie Jandt

Willie Everts         

Kaci Bujano

James Gaffney  

Leticia Gomez

Martha Reed – Dixie Sowder’s sister 

 Jose Rosas

Carlos Ramirez - Kimberly Northcutt’s friend                 

Peggy Yelson-friend of Sid McCarley      Joyce Anderson 

Cancer Patients

John Barron - Minnie Thompson’s Brother

Anthony Everts’ Friend’s Dad Kidney removed

Christine Baum - Diana’s daughter in law  

Robert Boyd - Rene Diamante’s neighbor

Bell and Rose (Cindy’s friends)

Tio Balderes - Tiffany Wallace’s friend

Rosie Black & Leona Woody - Dixie Sowder’s relatives           

Christy Dalros & Rosie Gamboa- friends of Kim Northcutt

Mrs. Barron & Jenny Lopez – friends of Kimberly Northcutt

Mabel Elliott

Anna Emery – friend of Josie Burke

Michael Farnes – family of Josie Burke

Ryan Fisher - Jeanette Talamantez’s grandson

Glen – Nadine O’Leary’s brother

Andrew Goddard         

Keith Jackson - J’s Brother

Luther Morrison

Phyllis Motes – Paul’s mom

Jerry Padalecki

Joel Perez – Taken off chemo due to infection

Steve P. - friend of Stacy Valle

Brian Reeder - Tommie‘s Brother in Law

Joe Sanchez (Lupita’s Son) gall bladder cancer

Barbara Whitney - undergoing chemo

JoAnn - Tony Everts’ Sister


Local Mission Trip & Sports Camp


Pastor Jerry Canupp

Jay & Our Youth

John Berthold

Our Music Ministry         

The Deacon Body individually and as a group

Our Nation/Our Government/Our Leaders/Our Military

New members/believers/lost in our community